Updated July 2024

US Citizenship Test Prep

Pass the US citizenship test in 2024 with the official study guide and actual test questions. Learn about US history, values, government and symbols with 70+ interactive audio lessons, quizzes and tests!

400+ Questions

  • Based on the official USCIS “Learn About the United States” booklet.
  • Practice with the state-specific questions that you will be asked on the test.
  • From the current and permanent (2008) version of the civics test with the 100 possible questions.
400+ Questions
Practice questions at the end of chapters, and lessons with full explanation
70 Lessons
Well-organized lessons by chapter and topic and easy to read text
20+ Tests
Mock tests with the passing score of the actual citizenship test

Full Study Guide

  • Keep track of your progress through the chapters and lessons. Keep track of your test scores and average time.
  • Study easily with the dark mode, any time of the day (or night)!
  • Easily pick up where you left off with the Continue Studying shortcut.

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